Stress Injury Management; Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) & Stress Injury Programs for Wilderness, Remote, First Responders & Social Work Professionals.

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Solutions for Crisis Skills & Stress Injury Management

Anchorpoint Response has the solution for you.

Our training team is dedicated to meeting the needs of your industry. We begin by designing concrete, outcome-based curriculum. All of our courses are focused on the essential “need to know” information. Instructors are trained in presentation skills, the science of learning, and the best practices in working with adult learners. When it comes to the classroom, we strive to find a schedule that best meets the needs of your employees. We understand that sometimes your night-shift will have a better training experience at 9:00 P.M. than at 8:00 A.M. We know that every minute spent in the classroom is time taken away from serving customers, clients and the community. We also recognize the challenges remote industries face in providing travel and lodging accommodations for contractors and consultants. At Anchorpoint Response, we strive to meet you where you are, no matter how far.

Crisis Intervention Training: Awareness Level

The Awareness level training is recommended for all staff, volunteers, and supervisors working in outdoor/remote industries. Presented as a seminar or a half-day workshop giving knowledge and tools to recognize and respond to a crisis situation …

Crisis Intervention Training: Responder I

Usually delivered as a two-day course teaching “Assisting Individuals in Crisis”.  Participants will learn the basics of crisis intervention and how to assist individuals in crisis. Crisis intervention is also known as “emotional first aid” and teaches the …

Crisis Intervention Training: Responder II

“Group Crisis Intervention” usually delivered as a two-day course: . The Group Crisis Intervention course is a comprehensive, systematic and multi-component crisis intervention course designed to prepare participants to recognize and …

Crisis Intervention Training: Operations Level

This course is designed for supervisors, managers, and staff in risk management and safety positions. In the coordinator course, participants will review the role of the first responder and the application of the Incident Command Structure to crisis and …

Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) Training

Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) is a nationally recognized program developed for National Ski Patrollers and others in the recreation community who deal with emergency situations …

Outdoor First Care

Outdoor First Care (OFC) is a First Aid course taught primarily to personnel at ski resorts and to other individuals who need a basic/introductory first aid course meeting the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines for workplace first aid. …

De-escalation Training

Imagine dealing with a volatile client or a situation in which emotions are running wild. Think about what you might notice, how you might respond, and what you would do to facilitate the best possible outcome for yourself and those around you. …

Instructor Development

Anchorpoint Response is pleased to have a certified “Training from the BACK of the Room” instructor ready and able to help you bring your training to the next level …

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