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Outdoor First
Care & Outdoor First Care Renewal

Outdoor First Care (OFC) is a First Aid course taught primarily to personnel at ski resorts and to other individuals who need a basic/introductory first aid course meeting the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines for workplace first aid.

It is designed primarily for use in the Mountain Host program of the National Ski Patrol (NSP) but is available for other purposes as well. It is a first aid course that can benefit outdoor recreation centers and ski resorts by training other personnel to assist in treating patients. OFC provides area management with a basic first aid course for resort personnel, other than ski patrol. This will help the resort to be in compliance with various OSHA guidelines when that requirement is necessary.

For example, many resorts must have someone trained in first aid for the “midnight shift”. If a grooming machine flips over at 3 AM, the area needs to have someone present who can care for the needs of the injured driver, until EMS arrives. The topics covered in OFC are necessary for this first aid course to be in compliance with guidelines established by OSHA and it is designed to teach candidates how to recognize patient problems, manage life threats, conduct basic skills, and call for help. The OFC provider may assist the patroller or higher medical provider as directed or allowed for by area management.

There are three parts to the OFC program to complete:

  1. Completion of a basic CPR/AED course such as the American Heart Association (AHA) Heartsaver/AED course (must be completed by each participant prior to the “hands-on” day).
  2. An online portion OFC program with a written 25 question evaluation.
  3. A practical "hands-on day" with an additional written 25 question evaluation and a scenario- based evaluation for each candidate

Renewals: Anyone who already has a certification that is due to expire needs to enroll in the Outdoor First Care Renewal course. Mountain hosts who complete an Outdoor First Care or Outdoor First Care Renewal course will receive an OFC card with a two-year certification period.

OFC and Renewal courses are registered and taught by a certified Outdoor Emergency Care instructor.

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