Stress Injury Management; Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) & Stress Injury Programs for Wilderness, Remote, First Responders & Social Work Professionals.

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Crisis Skills & Stress Injury Management for Remote Professionals

CISM Critical incident stress response training ptsd

Meeting Your
Organizations Needs on Your Time

As long-time members of remote industries, we understand the challenges you face. At Anchorpoint Response, we come from a variety of backgrounds. Several of our instructors are emergency responders who navigate rotating shifts, working holidays and weekends, and being prepared to answer a call at any hour of the night.

Other members of the Anchorpoint Response team have seasonal careers and their work demands change with the season. Sometimes this means going from part-time to over-time with the change of the seasons. Other times, they relocate to variable, remote environments for long periods of time based on the demands of the industry. Sound familiar?

Anchorpoint Response has the solution for you.

Our training team is dedicated to meeting the needs of your industry. We begin by designing concrete, outcome-based curriculum. All of our courses are focused on the essential “need to know” information. Instructors are trained in presentation skills, the science of learning, and the best practices in working with adult learners. When it comes to the classroom, we strive to find a schedule that best meets the needs of your employees. We understand that sometimes your night-shift will have a better training experience at 9:00 P.M. than at 8:00 A.M. We know that every minute spent in the classroom is time taken away from serving customers, clients and the community. We also recognize the challenges remote industries face in providing travel and lodging accommodations for contractors and consultants. At Anchorpoint Response, we strive to meet you where you are, no matter how far.

If you are interested in finding out more about specific courses, certificates, and learning paths that we offer, please see our ever-growing “Solutions”. If you would like to find out more about what Anchorpoint Response can offer your industry, select one from the menu options or keep reading to find the best fit for your specific needs.

Does your company employ professional guides, outdoor athletes, or expedition leaders? Are your employees used to working independently in challenging environment’s and resent spending time in the classroom? Check out “Expedition & Guide Services” for custom solutions.

Does your team operate in remote environments and struggle to find expert trainers who will travel to them? Do you struggle to find instructors who will spend a week on a ship, lodge in a cabin, or dine in a mess hall? Learn how we match the right training solutions and instructors to the unique demands of the many “Remote Industries” across the globe.

Seasonal operating schedules, rotating teams, or round-the-clock shift work present unique challenges. Ensuring all employees receive quality training during their normal work hours can be a struggle. Whatever the time conflict, we can help. Learn about our seasonal options for “Outdoor Centers” & “Ski Resorts”. Find out how we can work around coverage needs for “Social Services”  organizations and optimize training times for shift-workers and other “Emergency Responders”.

Working in heavy industries in unforgiving environments creates a close-knit team, a lot of pressure and a lot of stress injury related burn out.

Lead long enough in the wilderness and you will encounter a fatality. Outdoor leadership is rewarding, but also highly responsible.

Every season every resort worker will see something surprising - often with high speed & high consequence - and potentially life changing for subjects and the first on scene.

Often, the demands of the work require responders to leave one traumatic call and proceed immediately to another without adequate time to process, recover or decompress in between.

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