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Crisis Skills for Outdoor Leaders & Guides

Crisis Management
Skills for Outdoor Leaders and Guides

Companies that employ professional guides, outdoor athletes, and expedition leaders are used to setting standards of excellence and working with high caliber professionals. Professional reputations are made in high-stakes, remote environments where prior training may determine success and critical decisions must be made under pressure.

While industry standards reflect a dedication to excellence in requiring advanced first responder training, avalanche awareness, search and rescue training, and sound environmental practices, many agencies continue to overlook the power of crisis management and psychological care in the aftermath of a traumatic event. Anchorpoint Response can help you increase your capacity for client care while providing universal best practices and principles for building resilience, managing stress, and increasing staff wellness.

Whether your teams set out on day-trips in local alpine environments or travel around the globe for multi-week expeditions with limited contact with the outside world, we know that your leaders are doing so equipped with the knowledge and tools to allow them to perform beyond the highest standards of excellence. At Anchorpoint Response, we also know the time and resources you and your guides invest in preparing for this demanding career and encourage you to protect these investments by providing training and support in psychological first aid and crisis interventions that are proven to promote resiliency, resistance to stress, and improve overall wellness among your team.

At Anchorpoint Response, we understand that the people who dedicate their lives to becoming industry leaders in the outdoor arena would rather be anywhere than inside a classroom. This is why we strive to deliver outcome-based programs that maximize any time spent indoors and remove the “nice to know” fluff that gets in the way of harnessing essential skills. Our mission at Anchorpoint Response is to provide learners with knowledge and tools that they can adapt to any crisis situation and immediately apply in the field. From Awareness Level training on identifying the emotional distress of a client or colleague following a critical incident to our Responder I and II courses that provide a variety of skills for assisting individuals and groups in crisis, we believe in facilitating the highest-quality learning and providing evidence-based, research-backed information and practices that are applicable to your industry.

Crisis Intervention Training: Awareness Level

The Awareness level training is recommended for all staff, volunteers, and supervisors working in outdoor/remote industries. Presented as a seminar or a half-day workshop giving knowledge and tools to recognize and respond to a crisis situation …

Crisis Intervention Training: Responder I

Usually delivered as a two-day course teaching “Assisting Individuals in Crisis”.  Participants will learn the basics of crisis intervention and how to assist individuals in crisis. Crisis intervention is also known as “emotional first aid” and teaches the …

Crisis Intervention Training: Responder II

“Group Crisis Intervention” usually delivered as a two-day course: . The Group Crisis Intervention course is a comprehensive, systematic and multi-component crisis intervention course designed to prepare participants to recognize and …

Crisis Intervention Training: Operations Level

This course is designed for supervisors, managers, and staff in risk management and safety positions. In the coordinator course, participants will review the role of the first responder and the application of the Incident Command Structure to crisis and …

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