Stress Injury Management; Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) & Stress Injury Programs for Wilderness, Remote, First Responders & Social Work Professionals.

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Crisis response emergency staff responder training

Preparing staff with strength and skills to respond to a traumatic event

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Awareness (Level 1)

Give your team an introduction to Critical Incident Stress Response.  Learn the language, identify signs & risk, when to ask for help.

Response (Level 2)

Beyond awareness and into action and response.  Know the signs & symptoms of Stress Injuries, CISM and what you need to do for your people, clients and business.

Coordinator (Level 3)

For people aiming to become the coordinator for an organization for Stress Injury Prevention and Critical Incident Stress Response.

Technician (Level 4)

Train the trainer level knowledge.  Take the lead in your organization and learn how to manage both response and design programs to fit your needs.