Stress Injury Management; Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) & Stress Injury Programs for Wilderness, Remote, First Responders & Social Work Professionals.

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Psychological First Aid, Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) & Stress Injury Programs for Wilderness, Remote Environment & Social Work Professionals

Outdoor Leaders, Guides & Workers. Mountain & Ski Resorts. Oil, Gas, Forestry & Fishing Workers. Emergency Responders, Social Workers & more ...

Solutions Including ...

Crisis Response, Post-Incident Care, Staff Resilience, Individual & Team Response, Staff Retention, Embedded Support System Design, Proactive Professional Environments

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Helping You
Cope When Others Can't

Without knowledge & training, psychological stress injuries can devastate not only mental health, but families, relationships and careers. Employers' understand that it's not just a legal obligation to protect their employees, but also an economic necessity to be able to retain and empower their skilled staff.

Crisis Intervention Training: Awareness Level

The Awareness level training is recommended for all staff, volunteers, and supervisors working in outdoor/remote industries. Presented as a seminar or a half-day workshop giving knowledge and tools to recognize and respond to a crisis situation …

Crisis Intervention Training: Responder I

Usually delivered as a two-day course teaching “Assisting Individuals in Crisis”.  Participants will learn the basics of crisis intervention and how to assist individuals in crisis. Crisis intervention is also known as “emotional first aid” and teaches the …

Crisis Intervention Training: Responder II

“Group Crisis Intervention” usually delivered as a two-day course: . The Group Crisis Intervention course is a comprehensive, systematic and multi-component crisis intervention course designed to prepare participants to recognize and …

Crisis Intervention Training: Operations Level

This course is designed for supervisors, managers, and staff in risk management and safety positions. In the coordinator course, participants will review the role of the first responder and the application of the Incident Command Structure to crisis and …

Certification Levels
Industry Specific Programs
Specialist Tracks
Professional Development Programs

Where your people come first

We are here to help you train and develop programs for dealing with deaths, critical incidents, and near-miss events. Our programs are designed to help your people, your clients, and your organization.

Resilience emergency worker responder training
Staff Resilience

Goal: Protecting staff in potentially stressful environments

Crisis response emergency staff responder training
Crisis Response

Goal: preparing staff with strength and skills to respond to a traumatic event

Post-Incident Care - recognize and respond training team workers staff
Post-Incident Care

Goal: recognize and respond to stress-injury and emotional trauma

Embedded Support Systems for crisis management at work
Embedded Support Systems

Goals: trauma-informed planning for your organization & promoting self-reliance in remote environments

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Legal Professionals & Social Services

Working with the vulnerable is rewarding but it exposes you to trauma, tragedy and losses for which you can feel responsible.

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